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Critical reviews of  “Gasoline & Broken Hearts”

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Fireworks UK  (Januay 2013)  NR   
“an italian band can sound more Hollywood sleaze than some genuine Hollywood sleaze bands”     4 out of 5  
“..killer riffs, punchy melodic choruses the way I like..”   8 out of 10  
“hard rock fans should enjoy Beverly Killz more than Michael Bay enjoys making movies with massive explosions”

Rock-Garage Magazine    8 out of 10     
“Gasoline & borken hearts is a catchy, entertaining album!”

Rock Hard (november 2012) 7 out of 10    
“An enthralling, rousing work that fulfills the expectations with catchy melodies and a gritty vibrant fierce jabs    72 out of 100    
“..the record simply deserves to be purchased; we hardly remember italian bands with such skills, taste and sound”  8.5 out of 10    
“satisfying from the frist to the last track, even after several spins on the stereo; this time we have to say it: buy or die!”    7 out of 10    
“..the album succeeds in the explicit purpose of  being entertaining and amusing..”   7.5 out of 10    
“..great melodies and ideas, a powerful wind blowing to feed the fire of rock n’ roll in its heaviest and most glamorous embodiment..”   NR 
“the basket is full with the good stuff, Warrant,Def Leppard, Pretty Boy Floyd, Poison and lotsa more… know them!!!”  NR 
“Beverly Killz have enough about them to see that sometime soon they will blow you away”  7.5 out of 10 
“ guaranteed..”  7 out of 10    
“To the fans of rock, of the 80′s and anything that used to be called glam metal I recommend a road trip while listening to “Gasoline & broken hearts”